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Children's courses

Mixed ability children's classes

At Nest, we are passionate about passing craft skills on to the younger generation. Crafting is known to improve fine motor skills, concentration and mental wellbeing but above all, it’s great fun and very rewarding!

We run mixed age and mixed ability classes in sewing and pattern cutting .  In our termly courses, the children are free to choose their projects from our huge range of patterns according to their ability allowing them to work at their own pace. In our holiday workshops, we generally work on a specific project.

To book, just contact us directly and we can help make sure your child is in the right class, appropriate to their age, their needs etc...

Term times

Our next term of sewing courses runs from  September  for 6 weeks until October 20th.
To book, please email

Term times Kids

What do I need to know?

Machine sewing classes are for 7 years plus.

Mixed ability groups which we find to be the best learning environment.

Bring a sewing kit to include sharp dressmaking scissors, pins, stitch unpick.

Courses run for six weeks, consecutively, one week apart.

Materials included except where stated.

How much does it cost?

Children’s Sewing:

  • £82.50 for 6 weeks


Children's Commercial Patterns class:

  • £90 for 6 weeks


Children's Pattern Cutting:

  • £90 for 6 weeks

Please contact me for more details.

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